Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I have so much LOVE inside of me!"

08-28-13  Sawadii Khaa! Sabaydii May? I can't believe I have been here for two weeks! I got seven more to go here in the MTC but that's alright. I will have plenty of time to learn the language as best as I can. I'm not expecting to be a pro by the time I'm done. In fact, I know I'll probably get to Thailand and look around me and think, "Did I even learn any of this language?" haha! But, the Lord will help me through lots of study and misunderstandings with talking to the natives. It'll be a great adventure! I have been studying so much in my free time. My brain feels overloaded at times. But, I am so grateful to the spirit that is here. I thought I would have a hard time adjusting but I have been having an easier time adjusting. The beds are uncomfortable and the food is questionable at times, but I smile and laugh with my Sisters and Elders and everything feels alright. Last night, we had a devotional that was a broadcast to all the other MTCs. I sang in the choir and they got a short shot of me! I felt a little famous! Haha! Neil L. Anderson came to speak to us. I couldn't believe that an Apostle of the Lord had come! It was so neat. He spoke of Love and Sacrifice and all the challenges that come with being a Missionary. But most importantly, he spoke of the blessings we will receive because of it. By the end of the devotional, we all sat for fifteen minutes because it was storming outside with thunder and lightning! It was sunny all day long though! Ah, Utah weather ;) So, after the brunt of the storm had past, we all rain in the rain to get back the the MTC. It was so much fun! My companion and zone were all drenched from the pouring rain. I was so grateful that I wore my crocs that night! They TOTALLY helped. But, it was really cool because we were all joking, "So this is kind of like a little taste of Thailand, right?" Haha! It was great. We all came soaking back to our classrooms but we were dismissed to go back to our rooms. Taking a nice hot shower after was the best. Being a missionary is rough at times. I'm not even in Thailand yet but I already feel exhausted with all the lessons and studying that I do. I feel myself changing little by little each day and I honestly can't wait to see the person I will become by the end of this Mission. I feel like a different person at times. I am happier, I exercise a lot more, and I feel so much energy that I know the Lord has provided me. I just have so much love inside of me that I don't know what to do with it at times. It's hard to explain what you're feeling when your heart is so full. I am understanding my Savior more and more than I ever have before. I am so blessed. Thank you all for your support and love. I couldn't do this without you. Letters are super appreciated since I can't reply to everyone's emails. I love you so much! I pray for you all! Love, Sister Carter
This is where I sleep.
 Free bins we scavenge through on every floor! haha!
 My closet... desk...its a little cluttered. So, theres a little of the MTC here.
My District
All these pics are of my district.  There were so many cameras that we couldn't all look into one at the same time. Elder Hartman at the end is the only one looking in most of them! Haha! (From left to right bottom row) Sister Peterson, Sister Maughan, Me, Sis Her. (From left to right top row) Elder Madsen, Elder Codling, Elder Wolfley, and Elder Hartman.
Funny pic of Elder Sugihara and all of us not paying attention. Haha! He's so funny!
Sisters in my District/Zone
Sisters in my district/zone. (from left to right) Me, my companion Sis Her, Sis Maughan (in district/roommate), Sister Peterson (in district/roommate), the OTHER sis Peterson, Sis Ellis and Sis Barber (all in zone).

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