Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"I Count My Blessings Everyday."

09-11-13  Sawadii Kha! Sabaydii?

I can't believe that it's been four weeks already. A whole month! It's super crazy. I have five more weeks to go! Anyhow there is so much to talk about this week! I remember it all since I wrote down a few things throughout the week to make sure I would remember for today. See how smart I am? Just kidding. 

So, I think the misconception here is that everyone here sings "Called to Serve" all the time. While it is true that we sing that often, the number one hit here is: "Come thou Fount". It's not a bad thing but since I have been here for four weeks and I have heard the song being performed in at least five different devotionals... it gets a little overplayed. Everyone hums it or whistles it. But maybe it's just the Residence hall I am in or something. I thought it was a little funny though. \

I feel like my Thai is improving everyday. I would look at the Script and think, "how in the world am I supposed to learn that?" But amazingly, I was able to read almost the entire verse of 1 Nephi 1:1. I know that sounds lame to some people but I feel so blessed and amazed! It takes a LONG time to get through it and even a longer time to try to use a dictionary (In script nonetheless) to figure out some words. I am excited to learn more and become better everyday!
Thai Scriptures I am "attempting" to read. Wish me luck!

I did something very brave last Friday. With all those who know me well, they would think I'm crazy. Elder Wolfly's parents sent him a whole bag of tiny, legit THAI peppers. Naturally, all the Elders in my district and zone ate them and we took pictures of their funny expressions. They were cheering for the Sisters to do it so I bravely accepted the challenge. I found the longest one I could find because the smaller it was, the hotter. And man... those things are HOT. My entire throat was on FIRE for at least five minutes or more. And when it hits your stomach, you feel nauseous! I felt it was going to eat my entire stomach up! Luckily though, I ran to the cafeteria with Sister Peterson to get some Milk. That definitely helped a lot. But I'm a little proud of myself. I'm such a whimp with spicy foods so this was quite the accomplishment.
This is all of us (sisters in district) about to eat the Thai Peppers. (From left to Right) Sister Maughan, Sister Her, Sister Peterson, and Me. I'm like already about to cry just thinking about putting that thing in my mouth! haha!

The funniest reaction was when Elder Codling ate it! Oh my goodness! He refused to eat any but we "peer pressured" him to. We all thought, "Oh no, we killed him!" when he finally ate it since he began to hold his throat. I thought he was choking and or having an allergic reaction! He was fine though. It was just really funny! I have a pic of him DYING from the spiciness! haha!  
Elder Codling dying

Sunday was really special. Our talks were centered on Baptism and later that evening we watched two films: The John Tanner Story, and Only a Stone Cutter. It's just simply incredible to me that people would sacrifice SO much for this gospel. It wouldn't make sense why the members of the church would give up all they had for something phony or false! And the sacrifices we make today are very, very little in comparison. I count my blessings every day. And if any of you haven't seen those films, I would encourage you to watch them. Their stories are so powerful and inspiring. 

This last Monday, we had a discussion about the Holy Ghost in Brother Burgess' class. During the whole time, I had felt prompted to share a spiritual experience that I had but was too afraid to interrupt my teacher. By the time the discussion was "over" and we were going to move onto "lessons" I couldn't keep it in any longer. I asked to share the story and Brother Burgess gave the Okay. I was amazed that after I had shared the story, the rest of the district were inspired to do the same. Everyone was touched by each other's testimony and I couldn't help but feel at peace. God is truly amazing. 

Funny Stories: 

So, Brother Todd likes to use a lot of Thai filler words. Like in English if we were to use the words: like, umm, or uhhh. It's really funny how he uses them and we get so confused because we try to figure out what he's saying when he's not really saying something legit. But, he really likes to use the word "diaw" (bad romanized spelling of Thai) meaning 'wait'. He says it so fast that it sounds super funny. 
Brother Todd: diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw diaw 
Sister Maughan: I don't think you can do that that many times in Thai. (grammatically)
Brother Todd: . . . I just did. 


Sorry if it's not that funny. I get too easily entertained here in the MTC. Anyhow, I hope that you all are doing well! I love you!


Sister Carter

This is my snack/sweets stash. There's a little bit of Sis Her's stuff in there too. So, thank you all for sending me goodies. I have PLENTY :D I feel so loved

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