Saturday, September 28, 2013

"I just feel so incredibly loved at times"


Sawadii Kha! Sabydii May? 

Me and Sister Her showing off our Thailand shirts!

Hello all! I want to begin by saying how excited I am to go to Thailand. I have little less than three weeks, but it's SO close! I can't believe it! I am just so stoked to be there and to start the most amazing adventure of my life there. October 14 is when I leave and I will give you more details about that when it approaches sooner.

Now that's out of the way, I have some more exciting news. This Saturday is the General Relief Society meeting and I invite you all to watch it.

Here I am singing with sisters with the MTC Choir

Yes, I am talking to you men as well. You can watch a live stream online. And why do I bring this up? Because I am in the Sister Missionary Choir that will be singing in the General Relief Society Meeting! AH! I am so excited. The music is so beautiful and I am just moved by the whole experience. It was an adventure trying to find a jewel toned, button up shirt for the meeting, but the Lord provided a way and I was able to borrow a shirt. I am so happy. I will be wearing a deep, dark purple, long sleeved shirt. So, look out for me on the screen okay? I just can't believe this is happening. I never thought I would sing for a choir that would be broadcast around the world for all women alike. I am so blessed and so very grateful. 

This Sunday, we were able to hear from one of the General Primary Presidency. She was so amazing, and I feel bad that I can't remember her name at the moment. She played this clip about the Savior visiting the Americas. It was so moving that I couldn't help but cry at the profound love that was eminent throughout the clip. No words were spoken, but that's the amazing thing. It doesn't matter what language you speak or understand, everyone on this Earth can and will recognize the language of Love. I hope that some of you can find this clip that I am speaking of. I am not sure where to find it but it is definitely worth it. I about lost it when Christ was surrounded by little children and the brightness of Angels gathered around them. Ah, my heart was just so full.

Recently, I have discovered a new song that I have fallen in love with. It was sung a few times in the devotionals, but I was surprised that I did not know of it till now. It is called Savior, Redeemer.

 Oh my goodness, I just can't express how much that song moves me. I am overwhelmed by tears sometimes. Maybe it's just the spirit that resides here in the MTC, or maybe it's just me that is more in tuned to the Spirit, but, I just feel so incredibly loved at times. Whenever I feel too stressed, it takes a toll on my body and my stomach feels gross. I lay in bed with my stomach churning at times and it takes a while for me to sleep. But, when I sing that song, and pray to my Father in Heaven... I feel like someone is holding me in their arms as I lay asleep. I feel at peace and the warmth just floods my body from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. I forget about the ache in my stomach and I am simply overwhelmed with Love from my Savior. I can't believe how endless His love is. I sometimes can't comprehend the magnitude of His Mercy. I sincerely pray that I may Never forget these feelings. 

I sometimes can't explain how I feel. It's hard to describe, even for an aspiring writer like myself. I just wish I could share these incredible feelings that I feel with others. But then I laugh and think, "But isn't that what I am doing? I am here to share that with people so they too may know of God's Love and Atonement." I hope all of you feel this need. I think we forget how good we have it. I would simply invite you all to help your Missionaries out. And more importantly, help your Lord and Savior bring your brothers and Sisters to Him. 

I love you all. God Bless.


Sister Carter


Funny Story: We were basking in the sun when this bright light was shining in Sister Her's eyes and mine. We tried to move, but it kept following us. We couldn't figure out that it was Elder Hartman shining his watch at us. Haha! We looked like dweebs the entire time! 

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