Sunday, October 13, 2013

I leave for Thailand on Monday October 14th !

Sawadii kha! Sabaydii may? 

I found Elder Edwards and snagged him for a picture. I wanted at least one before I left. This was after the first session of Sunday Conference.
Hello all! I hope that all of you are doing well. I've had such a great week this week. It's so crazy that I have been here for almost 9 weeks now. It's been so long, but too short. I received my travel plans this last Thursday! Ah! I was so excited (being my only mail that day and being the best mail I've ever received in the MTC)! Oh my goodness! There's a picture of my travel plans that I took, I don't know if you can read it that well. It basically says that I will be flying out of Salt Lake City at 6:10 pm and arriving at LAX at 7:05 pm. From there I will leave to Hong Kong at 11:55 pm and arrive there at 5:45 am on the 16th (they are a day ahead). It's really weird that I will be going "in time" and skipping the 15th of October completely. I will gain it back when I come home though. I will leave for Thailand at 8:15 am and arrive approximately 10:00 am. So, that's my traveling plans in a nut shell. I will be traveling with all the Thai speakers in my zone, being only two districts and a total of 17 of us altogether. It's super exciting to be able to travel with people that I have grown very close to. It'll be a long, vigorous plane ride but it'll be so worth it when I arrive in Thailand!

Speaking of which, this is my official last P-day in the MTC. I am stoked! I'm considered one of the "old people" now in the MTC, haha! I've been here that long! (about 2 months!) It used to be really weird seeing people come in and leave before you do. Like all the English speakers just come in and out, in and out before I can even blink. And all of us 9 week people look at them thinking, "one day... one day!" And that "one day" is now approaching. It's great. I can finally stand in Relief Society this Sunday when they ask who is going to be leaving this week! I've been so looking forward to that. :) 

General Conference was amazing. If any of you have not seen it, read it, or heard it in any shape or form, I would advise you to watch it. There was some fantastic things that were said, and I hope that I never forget it. I mean, even the Prophet said that this was the best conference he has ever attended! I think that should speak volumes to you, because it sure did me. I loved Edward Dube's talk of looking forward into the future and continuing to serve the Lord. I think many are tempted to think, "Oh, I have done enough, I don't need to do anymore." but... there's so much more to do! The work is NEVER done. His words really inspired me.  
Click here to listen to Elder Dube's talk

 I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk, and Elder Holland, and so many more! They were all so amazing. I can't even express how much I appreciated and loved everyone's words. I also think that Missionary work is definitely being brought to attention in General Conference. The Prophet has called us all to hasten the Lord's work. Now, more than ever, we need everyone's all into bringing people the best message in this entire world: the gospel of Jesus Christ. We missionaries NEED you. We cannot do it alone. So please... don't forget your brothers and sisters! :)

The devotional this last Sunday after Conference was amazing! We had the privilege of having Vocal Point come to the MTC to speak/sing to us. Their voices were of Heaven! And their messages were so inspiring. I am so blessed to be able to listen to all the beautiful hymns that they sang. They truly sang from the heart. I loved it when they did "hymn shares" where after the first verse, they would invite everyone to sing along with them. All of our voices echoing in that gym brought this wonderful sense of peace and love from the Spirit. I have been so blessed. 

We had John Madsen (a former 70) talk to us this last Tuesday. I loved how his message was about the Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He had quoted, "The atonement is not apart of the Gospel... the Atonement IS the Gospel." I feel that this is so true. Everything else that we teach is simply an appendage to the Atonement. It was Christ's greatest act in all of his Life and ministry. We should all learn of Him and be more like Him. Only through Him can we be saved. I know I emphasize a lot about Christ, but why shouldn't I? I strive to learn and grow through Him. I know that without Him, my message would fall flat to everyone's ears. I am nothing without my Savior. 

I hope you all watched some Mormon Messages this week. 

They truly are inspired, and will make your day. I love you all so very much. Keep up the faith, and do not forget your Lord and Redeemer.


Sister Carter

The Provo temple, one of the last times I will see a temple for a year and a half.

Me sitting in class. 

 I let Elder Hartman get a hold of my camera... he took a lot of funny pictures! This is a pic of Elder Wolfly through the peep hole of our classroom door. 

Brother Burgess, Me, and Sister Her. Brother Burgess hates taking pictures! He's so funny though.

This is my teacher, Brother Todd. He was reluctant to take pictures, so I told him I would take a quick one from my seat.
 Elder Hartman snuck his way into a picture with Brother Todd

This is my third teacher, Brother Shippley. He didn't want to take a picture so I got a quick shot of him with a little bit of pleading. :) 

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