Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10-27-13 Have faith! Believe in Miracles!


Sawadii Kha! Sabaydii may?

It is so amazing here in Srinakarin. There are such nice people that are willing to help me. The members are suuuper awesome. Female members I know (or don't know) will come up to me and just hold my hand and hold onto my arm as we walk and talk. Sis Maanon does that a lot. She says that I look like a Princess! haha! And that I look like Princess Fiona from Shrek and Susan from Narnia. She cooks for us every Sunday and it is soooo delicious. When all the new missionaries in the area got up in sacrament to bear their testimonies and introduce themselves, I sat next to Maanon who was on the stands for her talk and she instantly put her arms around me. I love her so much.

There is a man who sits out in front of our apartment on a chair with a little flyswatter in hand. He is so sweet. I think he is one of the managers of the apartment. I don't know his name but we say hello to him everyday and he smiles with a sweet, toothless mouth.  We asked him how to get to somewhere but he wasn't sure. He got up to check with someone but they didn't know either. We went up to our room and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. He went all the way to find us and give us proper instructions on how to get there! So nice!

We have new progressing investigators! Faang is Chinese but he speaks Thai. He said that he feels sooo good when he goes to church but he doesn't want to break his culture by being baptized :( I have faith though. We met Goong (means shrimp... yeah, Thai people have odd nicknames) at night when we were inviting. I thought she was homeless because she was so dirty and she was counting money from a hat. She has a dog that follows her around and her Thai is slurry so its hard to understand her. She didn't have a number but we found her again for her appointment last Friday! It was a miracle. We asked these guys at the place we initially met her and it turns out that it was a bar! Haha! And they knew her! and one actually led us to her since she worked right behind the bar. She remembered us and we gave the first lesson at the bar! It was kind of weird but I strangely felt good about the experience. Her friends were teasing her from behind but I just thought to myself: "these people need Christ too."

So, hopefully things will work out. Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense. I am typing with one hand since I strained my left hand while playing chair ball with the zone today. An Elder barreled me over but it's okay. I got a blessing and everything! I have faith that I will be healed. 

It's been overall crazy and amazing. I don't ride a bike, but we ride song tows. They are a little crazy and super packed sometimes. When I can't sit down, I hold on to dear life on the railings above. It's a wild adventure for sure! 

 Sis Yim, my trainer is so sweet and patient. We are suuuper obedient and timely to everything. I force myself to talk to people when she asks me and I have been better at it. :) I have been memorizing all that I need to and I am slowly understanding people more. We sang to people with the Elders one night (since they are super awesome at singing) and there was a funny drunk lady who kept guessing where I was from. "Holland?" she asked. I shook my head and she guessed America and she went off about how she loves American faces! It was so funny. And the best thing about it is that I understood a lot of what she said! Haha!

Teaching English on Tuesdays is really fun. Thankfully I have been put in the advanced class and I speak only English in the class. I love chatting with everyone and helping them with their pronunciation (especially the "r" and"l" sounds) and grammar. We introduced them to tongue twisters and it was funny to have people say it as fast as they could. We gave a spiritual thought at the end about the Word of Wisdom since were teaching about health. After, we gave a lesson to a girl who wanted to learn more! So cool.

So, Attigan (bishop) wants all the missionaries to do a skit for Christmas. I can't wait! Iam super excited, it's going to be so fun!

There is so much more I wish I could talk about! I have so little time left though. But, I will say that the food here is soooo good and soooo cheap! (like a dollar for a plate!) I am learning to tolerate and love spicy food too! Like, if it's not a little spicy, it tastes bland to me. Never thought that would happen! Haha! 

Anyway, I love you all so much! Have faith! Believe in Miracles!


Sister Carter 

(Pics: tiny bananas at the high so mall!!! Sis Bentley and I are showing them off!)
And Sis Yim is holding a member's puppy at FHE! Don't worry... we washed our hands after! Dogs are super dirty and gross!

                             Tiny bananas at the high so mall!!! Sis Bentley and I are showing them off!

Sis Yim is holding a member's puppy at FHE! Don't worry... we washed our hands after! Dogs are super dirty and gross!

Acool building I found... its for kindergarten!!! So High so!! The picture is of the king and queen.
The picture is of the king and queen/ the kindergarten place in the background! It's so weird. We have a mix of rich and super poor here... 

And the other pic is of a whole entire street dedicated to dog grooming!!! So blaag! (weird) 

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