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11-10-13 Tigers, Crocodiles, and Elephants, oh my! (long post so scroll all the way down)

Sawadii kha! Sabaydii may kha? Pen yangray baang?

Hello, hello! This week was very crazy and hectic. Oh, I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll begin with last P-day:


It was sooo much fun! Oh, it was just so cool. I got to take pictures feeding a baby tiger! It was so cute, but it kept digging its claws into my skin. Ouch! I'm totally fine though. 

 Me holding a baby tiger!!! So awesome!

 And those tigers are HUGE!!!
We watched the crocodile show where two guys just kept pulling crocodiles out of the water by their tails! They stuck their hands and heads into its open mouth. People threw a lot of baht (money) at them and they put it in a crocodile's mouth! It was cool to watch how they collected the money out of its mouth piece by piece. It was just so fun. And afterward, I was able to go and feed a crocodile. They give you this long pole with string attached to a big fish head. Those Crocodiles sure snapped it up quick! There were so many of them in the water sitting so still. It was a little scary.
Here are the crazy Crocodile guys at the Crocodile show! It was so cool and fun! 

Here is a You Tube video of the crocodile show that my mom found online. 

These are the crocodiles in the water! You can barely see them sometimes! 

Me about to feed the crocodiles!

There were a lot of other animals to see and visit. It was like a little zoo! One animal that we saw (I am not sure what it's called) but apparently, it smells like popcorn? Yeah, it's pretty weird. it's like a huge lemur-sloth-rat looking thing. It was very interesting to say the least. And then... I saw elephants!!!! I mean, of course there would be elephants! It's Thailand!!! But, I was so happy to see them! All of them (including the baby elephant) were swaying back and forth like they were dancing! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. And all of them reached out with their trunks to smell me and touch me. Ah! I love elephants! 
But the greatest thing was when I fulfilled one of my life's goals: riding on an elephant!  I was so, so, so happy! I felt like a Princess! Haha! I was so high off the ground though, it was a little scary. The elephant show after was so cute too! Elephants were sitting, standing, and walking on two feet! It was just so cool. 

Cool pic of an orangutan,...

white tiger, and... 
...can we talk about how stinking fantastic these bears look? Look at them! I can't help but laugh!!!

The animals in the cage is the ones that apparently smell like popcorn. Yep. 

And pics of the elephants! My fav!!!

The Elephant show! Look how cool that is with that elephant walking on two feet! So amazing!

You can tell that I really love elephants, huh? :D 

                                          Sister Yim and I at the Crocodile farm! So silly! Haha! 

         A little gecko that plopped on Elder Murkley's head and climbed to the back of his shirt! Funny, huh?
                                           Here is a pic of a funny bear at the crocodile farm 

                                             All us sisters that went to the Crocodile farm!

The rest of the week has been interesting. I have been struggling. It's been rough to recognize my weaknesses with the language and other personal flaws. I realize that I have not been myself entirely around my companion or anyone here in Thailand. I am so afraid that people will see a bad missionary instead of a vessel of the Lord that I strive to be. I know I shouldn't beat myself up and stress too much. It's a work in progress and I know that I have a lot of growth to do. I am relying on the Lord so much. Like, this morning, doubts were filling my mind about having to lead an area or lead a lesson, or train someone after my training. As all this was distracting me, a voice cut in suddenly and said, "Peace, be still."
 I was a little shocked! Yet, I couldn't help but feel peace and warmth flood through me. I know that anything is possible through the Lord. I know that He is a God of miracles. This is His work, not mine. I am simply on His time, helping Him gather His sheep. I can't stress. It'll ruin me. 

Also, with this month being "Bovember" (baptism November: every companionship in the mission's goal is to get a baptism this month), it's been hard not to doubt. Faang has to work in another city for four months. I was so sad. He is so happy and takes notes while we teach! He's just so good! And our other Investigator is so ready, I just know it. But she has school on Sundays and can't keep the Sabbath day Holy. It just makes me really sad. And her sister seems so happy when she goes to church! But she can't be baptized quite yet because she's only 14 and has to go to church for a long time to receive baptism. Our only other investigator won't keep the Sabbath day either but I have faith in him. I don't know if he's ready or not but I have trust in the Lord that everything will work out. Sister Yim and I fasted again this last Sunday. We will probably fast again this Sunday as well. I know that if we are obedient and faithful, miracles will happen. 

The Zone leaders came this week and had a meeting about contacting and getting baptisms. It was nice to see how they contacted people on the street. They literally just stand in front of a 7/11 and ask if they are familiar with baptism, explain what it is and ask if they want to be baptized! It's super intense, but it definitely sifts through the people that are interested or not. And then they had this inspiring video with some missionaries from this mission contacting and doing missionary work. The song, "When you Believe" from the Prince of Egypt was on as well

I loved the spirit that I felt and I have faith in Thailand!! At the end, they took our mission name: Thailand Bangkok Mission, and used the initials of each word to say: The Best Mission. And it's so true! I know that everyone says they have the best mission... but seriously, I can't even put into words how great it is here. People are so humble, so nice, and so warm here. If you need help, they will go out of their way to help you. They are genuine and wonderful. And if you say that you're hungry, they will feed you! Haha! I love it here. 

We tried doing the "intense" way of contacting. I went up to everyone in my path asking the same question and got rejected time and time again. It's a little tiring but it's actually kind of fun. People are usually kind of scared and weirded out when I approach them though. But, in the end, we did get a number out of it and some people were actually really nice when I approached them. So, it's all good! If I just keep talking to everyone then I will get better at the language! :)

Answering questions about Thailand: (Anyone can email any questions they have and I will answer them!!)

                 (L to R) Sister Yim, Me, Maanong, Sister Steel, and Sister Mon. I look super white! Haha! 
     The woman posing with the hat is Maanong. Oh, I love that woman so much. She is an absolute angel. She        is just super sweet! 

                          I found a Ronald McDonald that was wai-ing! I couldn't resist taking a picture!

                                          1. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
-Well, it's kind of hard to say. There's not that many strange things that I've eaten. Everything has tasted so good! But, I guess so far, I would have to say that it's been a Thai dessert. I don't know what it's called or what it is, really. It looks SO strange though. Like, it's just globs of funky, doughy... things in murky, purplish coconut water? Yeah, it's weird. But it tastes SO, SO good! I loved it! 

2. Do I see white people?
-Yes, actually, I do! I see white people from time to time walking down the streets. It's very strange though. I look up and think, "what is that white guy doing here?" haha!

3. Who is the funniest person that I've met?
-That's a hard question. I meet "funny" people here all the time. But, recently, it's been this drunk guy. Haha. Yeah, we said, "Sawadii kha!" as he came our way and he jumped back a few feet! His eyes were super wide and Sister Yim was like, "It's okay, don't be afraid!" we couldn't understand anything he was saying and he was just plain out weird/funny. I don't know if that answers that question... 

4. How is the language coming?
-Slowly but surely. I read out loud with my companion for 30 minutes everyday in Thai. It's been helping a lot. I get so stuck on a verse though since I need to work on my tones more. Most of the time when I talk on the phone or in lessons, they can't understand anything that I am saying! It's a little frustrating but it'll come in time. I am starting to understand a little more each day. I still feel so lost and clueless at times. 

Fun fact of the day:
So, apparently it's totally okay to pick your nose here. It's so weird. They don't think it's gross at all. 

Alright, I will wrap it up from here! I love you all! I hope that all is well! Keep up the letters/emails! I love them! 


ฆิสเคอร์ คาร์ทอร์ 

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