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04-28-14 Miracles this week

Sawadii Kha!

Hello Family and Friends! Guess what happened this week? Transfers! As I was emailing last week, I was told that I was going to be moved. I was a little sad by this and Sister Sahagun even shed a tear or two. It was just unexpected since I didn't think I would be moving from Asoke so soon. I have just become really comfortable here with all the members and the missionaries. I had so many cool adventures and awesome memories here. I began packing on Monday night and prayed to feel at peace with the move. Tuesday morning, the APs called me again and they said, "Actually, you're not moving!" I was so relieved! 

For District meeting, we had a little Easter egg hunt that was pretty fun. Most of our district was gone since they were preparing for Transfers on Thursday. The last little paper Easter egg was so hard to find. Sister Sahagun and Elder Suphan were on the table, trying to find it. I looked up at the ceiling and saw it stuck in the crack. I gasped pretty loud and gave it away. I tried to climb up the table as fast as I could and almost knocked my companion down, but Elder Suphan beat us to it. We all laughed about it later. 

Thursday was transfers and Sister Sahagun and I still went. There was a Sister's Training meeting after transfers and Sister Sahagun needed to go to that since well, she's a Sister Training Leader. I got mom's package of girl scout cookies and I was so thrilled! It was so nice to have some cookies from home! I love you mom!

We had some miracles this week. The international sisters gave us a referral of a family that was interested in learning about our church. They live on the 6th floor of our apartment building! We visited them that very day and there was more than 8 people that lived there. The lady, Off (yes, that's her name) welcomed us into her home and gave us cool glasses of water. She gathered all of her cousins, and children to come listen to us. They all sat intently as we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I had never taught so many people at once before, and neither have I taught in an investigator's home. It was such a cool feeling. I don't know if I can even describe it. It just was so awesome to feel the spirit in someone's home who has probably never been to a Christian church before. We came again the next night and taught about the Restoration. They are willing to have us over every night and they even want to treat us to dinner. It is so miraculous. I hope they will be able to come to church and be baptized! 

On Saturday, we had a crazy adventure with a member. Our appointments had bailed on us and we were about to contact until our next appointment at 4:30. We were summoned by Lao-suh to come outside and meet someone. It was a member of the church who thought it was Sunday! She was all dressed up for church and everything. It was a little funny, actually. She then began talking about how she was so happy that we didn't move. Lao-suh chipped in and said, "Sister Carter said she was going to move, but now she isn't! I'm so happy!" He is so cute! The member, Sister J was then talking about how she wanted to make us these Elephant dresses. We told her that we needed to go though since we had to go contacting. She then said, "Oh, well, I can drive you over to my place and you can contact over there! We agreed and got in her nice, air conditioned car. She had hymns playing softly and it was so nice and relaxing... even when we were driving crazily into Bangkok traffic. She took us to her แม่'s (mom's) house to visit her. Her mom is 98 years old!! She is so cute though! We talked with her and she held our hands and patted our knees. Sister Sahagun wanted a picture with her but they said, "she doesn't look pretty though! We have to put her into nicer clothes!" They grabbed a nice, purple outfit and I thought, "Oh no, they are going to have to take her to the other room and dress her. I feel bad!" But, no, they started undressing her right then and there! And well, she didn't have any underwear underneath either... It was a little awkward. แม่ was saying, "I'm old now! May mii nom!" (Jacob can translate that for you all) I was so shocked and laughing at the same time. We took so many pictures and we even sang to her. I was so happy. I felt so awesome sitting with that 98 year old woman and singing hymns to her. 
We then went back to J's apartment to look at her workout equipment? Random. And then we went to her son's house (who is not a member) and sang to her granddaughter "I am a Child of God" in English... on her birthday. It was a little awkward. And well, the video is on Facebook too, so, that's cool. Haha! 

Anyway, that's the update for the week! I love you all! 


Sister Carter

The sisters that I live with! I love them all!!!

A cool photo I took of a butterfly. I was very impressed with it and I thought, "Hmm, maybe I could be a photographer!" Haha

A really nice doughnut from Mister Donut. Tastes a little bit like home! Haha! 

Pictures from the Easter program!!!

We ate a WHOLE fish! It was so delicious!!

Sister du Plessis (international sister that I live with) posing with our eaten fish!

Wild rabbits in Thailand?? What? Actually, the guard at the apartment in front of the church owns the bunny. I guess it escaped and it's enjoying its freedom on the streets!

Crazy Bangkok driving...

More crazy driving but this time, I am IN a member's car! Ah!

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