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01-12-13 What I do Mon-Sun


Sawadii kha!    WEEKLY SUMMARY

So, I want to write this letter a little differently. Hopefully it all works out in the end and you can all see how my week really went instead of just giving an overall summary. Just sit tight and read on!

My sunburned arm... I need to be better at rubbing the sunscreen in more!

A pretty evening in Thailand
 Monday: I went on splits with Sister Ladle since my companion and her companion wanted to go to the Zone sports day. I wanted to relax at home from my crazy "senior" week. And so, I was able to run errands and actually send out some letters. I only have Mondays to write hand letters and to send them. But, we get so busy on P-days that I never have the time to do both or either. So, I apologize to any of you that have tried to write me but haven't gotten something in return. I will try to find more time to do so! But, anyway, we just looked around local markets and the mall. I bought some Thai "sabay" (comfy) pants and they are so cool! I will get a picture for you all next week! They are like "genie" pants and they are light enough to sleep in at night. 
Sister Yim and Barton came back home and we started to work again at 6:00 pm. (As usual on P-days) Sister Yim and I went to "Big C" or this huge mall-like place where the train or BTS is. There was little success that night. I got one number from a lady named Lemon who wanted to know more about English than the Gospel. Figures, right? Haha. But, as we were inviting, we just started being creative and saying anything since they weren't listening anyway. I was like, "Hey, do you want Salvation?" or "Hey, do you want to be cleansed from sin? No? That's alright. Thank you for your time!" At one point, I was talking to Sister Yim as we were standing across from each other, trying to hand out pamphlets, and this guy who I hardly looked at, gave me the hand! I was like, "What the heck? Man, I must be so good as to be rejected before I even acknowledge someone!" I thought it was pretty funny though. 

So, this is a cool little picture of a Klong, or like... really bad, stinky water.
 Tuesday: We had District meeting and English meeting as usual. English class was interesting because I thought that I was only going to teach one person in Advanced class. More people showed up though and so, I just carried on as usual. But then, Sister Senior popped her head in and was like, "Hey, can I sit in and listen?" Of course I said yes! I kept going with the lesson until the door flew open and President Senior made a very elegant/dramatic entrance. He sure does have an intense presence about him! Haha. He and his wife made comments here and there and then left to check up on the other classes. I was relieved. I was a little nervous that they were in there watching me teach by myself (with a member as my "companion). It was all good though. 

 And then a member playing a... I don't know what it is, but it was really cool!
 Wednesday: Proaw, our 14 year old investigator came to Seminary!!! She asked us to teach her in the early morning since we were already at the church exercising. It was a very quick, unplanned lesson to say the least. We did a LOT of biking. We biked for four hours around traffic and different streets. We didn't really know how to invite while biking so it was really ineffective. We changed tactics though and went to the church to take a little break. We decided that it's better to bike to a place, lock up the bikes and THEN invite people. Otherwise, it's just wasting time. 

 Thursday-Saturday: More biking, more inviting. We went all over the place and had lots of adventures biking and sweating. There is a lot of traffic sometimes so we have to be careful. We met this guy named Jekey and he is from Cambodia. He can speak Thai and our first lesson with him was really frustrating. He was countering us with all these questions and we couldn't finish our lesson with him because he was taking so much time talking. He wouldn't listen to us and wouldn't let Sister Yim finish her sentences when she spoke. It was frustrating.

Just your average day in Thailand! The man is cooking some fish on the barbecue 
 We worked hard, helped a member with her English HW, got groceries on Saturday and did some more biking. So, you could say that I am getting pretty muscley!! haha! Also, one of the days (I can't remember which) as we were biking home, Sister Yim pulled over so that we could put on our florescent vests on. (for the night time so people can see us) Just as we were going to head off again when a lady came up to us. She wai'd me and asked if I was a Sister Missionary. I was so surprised! It turns out that she was a less active from Chang Mai and she invited us into her home and everything! It was so neat! She is so cute!
Sunday: We picked up the less active to church. Her name is Sister Mai and she almost forgot about church. We walked to her place and invited on the way and even got a number out of it! We got to church and four of the people we contacted and invited to church came! I was so happy! That NEVER happens for us. Sister Yim and I split to do some lessons at the same time and I taught this man named Deng with a Member. It was a little nerve wracking to be doing a lesson by myself but the member was so nice and helpful in helping me understand. Sister Yim taught Jekey (who came, surprisingly! Sister Yim called him at 8:00 am though and basically told him he was coming! haha!) and she said the lesson was a complete 180! He was listening and told the story of how he has a whole in his heart and he could die any day. He is just confused and that's why he was asking so many questions because he wants to get it right. He said that when he met us, he never went that way because it's always too busy and there are a lot of people. But he felt like he should go that way anyway to get home and that's where we met him. After we met him he said that he was having weird dreams that prompted him to accept a lesson with us. He accepted a date for this month and he is going to try to stop drinking beer, coffee, and tea! It's such a miracle! 
We contacted later on and met this cute lady. She was like, "Oh, the missionaries, let them in!" We were like, "What the... no one says that here!" We talked for a while and she's super great at English. Hopefully she will actually accept a real lesson from us. We got her number and she said that she will be coming to English class this week!
For dinner we made spaghetti, lemon bars, and no bake cookies. It was an awesome American feast to end a good week. 

So, I hope that gives you all a more detailed description of what happened. It's pretty neat and I thought I should share more this week. We will see how other weeks go, though. Just know that the Lord is good and He is hastening His work! I love you all!


Sister Carter

and the shoe stand is all the popular shoes that I see around Thailand. They aren't very sturdy and they break super easily though. I haven't gotten any yet but I see a lot of Sister Missionaries where them. 

This is a market we went to go inviting at. I just wanted to capture the business of it all. I wish I could take pictures that will allow you to really see what it's like here. :)

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