Monday, January 20, 2014

12-15-13 Lessons in Thailand


Sawadii kha! Sabaydii may kha?

Well, I will just say that God is good. Good things are happening. Last month, we had a total of 100 baptisms for the entire mission. We have a goal to have 200 baptisms in January! It's pretty crazy, but the Lord wants to hasten the work. Thailand needs a temple. So, we will provide the members for that to happen. The Christmas season has also lifted my spirits. There are Christmas lights all around the mall and they have a Huge Christmas tree in the front as well. It's just so beautiful. They have a few mini Christmas trees around some shops too, funny enough, but I don't think the Thais have quite gotten the art of Christmas tree decorating down! Haha. 

Also, good news: I finished the Book of Mormon again! Twice in one year! Woohoo! I am so happy. The Book of Mormon is the most true of all books in the entire world. I have learned so much and I am always spiritually fed after reading it. Please, if any of you do not know of its truthfulness... read it. Ponder. Pray. It's so simple. All you have to do is act. :) 

Lately, I have talked about the miracles that haven't turned out. Let me tell you a story about one that has turned out this week:

It's painful to see the investigators I love come so far and yet not take the necessary steps for true joy and eternal happiness. I love these people so much. I want them to progress and come closer to our Father in Heaven. But, agency is a gift that happens to hurt others in this matter. It's alright though. I have wondered why these miracles I have always turn awry in my peak of happiness. It makes me a stronger person. And, I have learned not to let this sorrow get to me. I have to keep pushing forward and the Lord will do the rest. And he has! 
We met this wonderful woman named Oom. (it's weird typing it in English... ) on a song tow. Sister Yim was sitting next to her and they were having a casual conversation. Sister Yim mentioned the Gosepl and she was very receptive and interested in the things that she mentioned. We got her number and she said that we could call her any time. She was free all the time! Imagine that? We called her the next day to go to a Christmas show the church was putting on. She said she would go and sounded excited to come with us strangers. After the show she said that she felt so warm and she had goosebumps all over. We taught her an intro lesson and invited her to say the closing prayer. She was so overwhelmed by the spirit that she was crying!!! She is protestant, but we invited her to church the next day and she did. She said that the lessons in church answered a lot of questions she's had for years! And she shared these experiences with us that she's had in her life. 
She has been through a LOT. A lot of dark, dark things have happened to her and her daughter. Horrible, terrible things that were out of her control. But yet, she has had visions and dreams where she is in Heaven and everything is white and beautiful. Everyone is in white and there is a long, white, endless table. Christ and God invite her to eat with them... and then it ends. We taught her the restoration and she accepted a date for this month! I am so happy. I love her so much already. I feel like I have known her for years. She is so strong and has such an incredible light to her. And because of her trials, she is an amazing person. 

For once in my mission I felt as though I finally realized why I was truly here. THIS was why it was worth it. People like her that God prepares for us is more than anything I could ever ask for. God is good. He is so good. 

We had three investigators come to church this last week. THREE. I am so happy. Getting people to church is the hardest. Especially when they have school and work. Here in Thailand, they have extra "special" schooling on Saturdays and Sundays. So, it sucks that people will be doing that than going to church. I just know that God is blessing us. I love this work. 

Random things not related to spiritual things:

Lessons in Thailand:

1) Be careful on Song tows... you never know when the driver is super drunk.
2) Watch your tones when you speak. You could be saying some weird stuff...
3) The most (if not guaranteed) used excuse/saying when people aren't interested is: "I don't have time!" and "I'm Buddhist."

I'm sorry that this letter is short this week. I just wish you all an early Merry Christmas! I will be skyping my family next week so I don't think I will be able to get in a letter. Just know that I love you all. Be safe. Be happy. God is good. Share His Gospel. 


Sister Carter

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