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04-06-14 "I am here to help people"

Sawadii kha!

Hello all! I had quite a week and I am excited to share all about it! I feel like there is never enough time in the world so sorry if this all sounds ramble-y and rushed. 

My feet being "eaten" by little fish!  It tickled so much!
There was a meeting for all the leaders (MLC) so I went on a switch off with another Sister while our companions (who are Sister Training Leaders) went to the meeting. It was fun and crazy. We did our studies like normal and then we taught this investigator named Nuchara. Lao-suh (this cute little man who sells Muu ping in front of the church) helped us teach her. But he first pulled in another lady out of no where and said that we needed to teach her too. I was a little confused about it all but I went with it. We taught them both in the church and the lesson was going well. They were both Christian and very familiar with prayer. I thought, "Cool, this will be easy then." I then offered to say the opening prayer and began praying. As I was praying the two ladies began praying with me too! It was so funny and bizarre! They were mumbling really weird stuff and I struggled to finish the prayer without laughing. I then explained that when we pray, we only have one person pray out loud. The lesson went smoothly though and they both accepted dates to be baptized and come to church!

Later that day, I met up with Sister Sahagun and we went contacting right outside the office. We met this guy named Joe and he agreed to meet with us in two hours. We taught him and committed him to quit smoking. He said he would try. He's still struggling a bit but he's super cool. He wanted to meet with us everyday so that he can prepare to be baptized. It was funny when we taught the Law of Chastity and said we can't have homosexual relationships. He said, "Don't worry. I promise to Jesus that I won't do that!" He's awesome. 

On Thursday I went on a switch off with Sister Her! She was my MTC companion! It was so cool to be with her in my area and do active missionary work. I love her and missed her dearly. Even though we hit a few stumbling blocks that day (seven people not showing up to their appointments, being kicked out of a spot we were inviting at, and being the hottest day in the world) we still had fun inviting people and working hard together. In the end we had a successful lesson and I was so happy to see how much we have both improved with our teaching and language skills. 

The next day, we went back to her area in Bong Bua Tong and met our companions at the church. I was a little surprised at the church though. It was the second floor of a Mitsubishi car store! Their baptism font was basically this huge tub like thing. It was so crazy! I forget how spoiled I am to have had served in Church buildings so far. I know that I will get my fair chance of it later on in my mission though. 
After, Sister Sahagun and I were going back home by the BTS (skytrain) and then connecting to the MRT (subway). On the way, we saw this huge crowd of people gathering around something. Everyone was pulling out their cameras and taking pictures/videos. I stopped to find what they were looking at. A guy who spoke English came up to us randomly and explained what was going on, "There's like this girl who is about to commit suicide or something. She's been sitting up there for a long time. I don't know why anyone hasn't pulled her down yet." I then saw the woman who he was talking about. She was wearing this pretty dress with her head bowed low. She was sitting on the edge of the bridge ledge with her feet hanging off. Her bag was hung up on this post nearby and she didn't say anything. I was so scared for her! My heart sank. I was disgusted at how everyone was just crowded around her taking pictures as though she were a rare specimen. Security finally came and were trying to cautiously convince her to come down. She would make movements as though she were threatening them that she would jump at any second if they touched her. An ambulance came and I finally pulled myself away from the scene. I felt nauseous. I hope that she's still alive. 

I pondered this for a while. I finally concluded that this is why I am here. I am here to help people to know the joys of the Gospel to find their purpose here in life. I can't help everyone. I can't save everyone. But I can bear my testimony that God loves them and they are here for a very special reason. We all still have our agency, but I hope somehow that the grace of God will open their hearts and see how precious life is. 

Saturday, we taught a sweet old man named Sugit. He has a strong desire to be baptized and follow the commandments. We talked about the 10 commandments and how we can't wear any phra or worship them. (Buddhist necklaces/idols) He then started playing with the one he wore and said, "Okay, I will take it off." He never did when we were there, but on Sunday he came with a big smile and said, "Look! I took it off like I said I would!" I was so proud of him. I know that must have been such a hard thing for him to do especially since he has worn it for years. He also said a really sweet prayer. He said, "Heavenly Father... I am a good person. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was so cute and funny! I love him already! 

Sunday... oh Sunday. I saw a very scarring sight. Let's just say you have to be careful when you see homeless men laying down on benches... wearing a skirt... and no underwear. Yeah, that was particularly not what I expected to see on my mission. I'm over it though. I just think it's funny now. 
We had a super nice Spaghetti dinner provided by Sister Sahagun and myself. The Elders in our group loved it and they all had seconds. It was just so nice to have a sit-down dinner like that with other missionaries. We had a cool Zone training after and I really felt inspired.

So, folks! That's my week. Kind of crazy. Lots of interesting things, but so is life. I am happy that I have the chance to be here as a missionary doing God's work. I know that anything is possible with faith and works. I love you all very much!

Love, Sister Carter 

Before we fasted, we ate at a really yummy pizza place! 
Our District Area dinner with Spaghetti

Bangkok traffic

A funny stray dog on its back!  Don't's not dead

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