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03-30-14 Hospitals & Dentist

Sawadii Kha!

So, I have been kind of cozy at the hospital lately. Don't be alarmed, all is well. I was still struggling with my health. Stomach pains, intestinal pains, diarrhea, the whole shabang. Sister Senior advised that I go to the Bangkok Hospital to sort things out since it had been well over a week of this. I was reluctant and decided I could "toughen it out". Well, I didn't last too long. I submitted and went to the doctors. I was directed to the international wing where I waited to be called on. My doctor was a very nice, Arabic man that was concerned about me. I appreciated his help as he gave me antibiotics and requested a stool sample (awkward) in order to figure out what sort of bug nipped me. All went well. He told me I couldn't eat spicy food or any dairy. I was kind of sad about this. I never realized how much I love milk until I had to stop drinking it entirely for a week. I lost some weight though! 

Anyway, I had two more appointments with him including this morning. He informed me that the bug they found was a rare specimen called Plesiomonas Shigelloides. He didn't even know what it was. But, apparently it can be found in fish according to Sister Senior's research. So, I will stay away from that for a little while. 

Last Tuesday, Brother Wilright (the president of BYU Hawaii) visited us in our district meeting. He talked about Nephi and how we can be leaders, learners and builders. It was nice to have him there to talk to us.

This past Wednesday I ran into two Irish men. They invited us to sit down and talk. They wanted to talk about literature and our thoughts concerning these things. Being as we are missionaries, we don't have time to talk about these sorts of things for a long time. The subject of course turned around to missionary work and what we do. They agreed to come to the church since they were interested in seeing us teach in English. We understood them wrong seeing as they actually wanted to see us teach English to Thai people. When we told them we only teach English on Tuesdays, one of them immediately looked uncomfortable being in the church. His body language just screamed, "I want to get out of here." And what was interesting is that he kept asking us if there was anything we questioned in the church or disagreed with. He then asked for a tour of the church surprisingly. He asked about the picture of Jesus in the Americas on the wall and asked, "So Jesus went to South America?" we proceeded to explain why and then things turned a little messy. He went on and on and on and on about how he is a universalist and he doesn't believe that one religion is "right". There is so much that churches do to "restrict" us and what not and we only are here as missionaries so that we can "have more numbers and be competing with other religions". We stood and patiently listened to him. We didn't try to fight him at all, and only flinched a little when he started cursing. I think he was a little put off by that seeing as we didn't act to "defend" ourselves. He looked a little defeated and said he had to go somewhere right in that instant. Before he left he hastily complimented us and said that he "couldn't argue with our sincerity" and that we are "an attractive bunch of folks. How do you all get such good teeth?"
After he left, I felt a little well... like something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it. All I knew is that I wanted that man and his friend to be happy. I wanted him to know what true happiness was and not to be weighed with all his concerns about the world. I wish that I could have said something to ease his mind. But, I also think that all he needed at that moment was to rant to someone about all these things. I also realized that I am not here because I am touring or something. I did not sacrifice this time to ask foreign, Asian people to be baptized for nothing. I am not here for the numbers. I am here for these precious souls of God. As this realization was hitting me, I saw the Thai people in a different light. I loved them. I wanted them all to know the Goodness of God. I want to thank that man for helping me realize this. It sounds cheesy but he really helped me to know what true happiness is. And it's right here in Thailand serving the Lord. 

Sister Sahagun thought she had a cavity. She set up an appointment and we went back to the hospital to find the dentist department. That's the funny thing here. People go to the hospital as if they would go to a random doctor's clinic. But it's a big deal if you go to the hospital in America. Anyhow, we waited for a while and it was interesting to see how Thai dentists work. They put this purple mask thing over her face so that all that was showing was her mouth. I wish I got a photo but it was pretty funny. It was like a purple batman mask. 

The Lord really helped us out this week. We didn't know if we would get a "balanced" week with our lack of lessons. Miraculously, people met with us at the last second and we got enough lessons, investigators etc. for the week. It was incredible! We are teaching a few men too! It's so needed since the church is filled with so many women. 

Also... the mission was able to get over 200 baptisms this month. MIRACLE!!!! I am so happy! Thailand is growing!!!! Please pray for a temple here! The people need it so bad!

I love you all! Be strong, be safe, and always fight for our Lord. 


Sister Carter

(Pic: Sister Sahagun and her ingenious idea to put the small jug of water in place with our algae infested water jugs) 

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