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03-03-14 "I strive to work hard"

03-03-14   Sawadii kha!

So, Bangkok life is crazy as ever. Something weird happens everyday. And this week has been crazy too since we have been house shopping on the side of missionary work. Good news is... we finally moved today! It took up a lot of my P-day and so that's why I don't have a lot of time to write right now. Sorry! 

But, let me tell you a really weird crazy story. I realize I am using the word "crazy" a lot but there's nothing else that can really describe what goes on here! So, on Wednesday, Sister Sahagun and I were at the church waiting for some of our appointments to show up. None of them did so we were about to go out into the world to contact in the hot sun. Just as we were about to leave, the Office Elders, Elder Keller and Elder Smith come in with a lady they just contacted. They approach us and said, "Sisters! Can you help her out??" We of course are a little confused, "Why?" we ask. "She's on her period!" We then look at the lady and realize the entire back of her skirt is soiled!!! It's dripping down her legs and on her feet! We freak out and quickly take her to the bathroom. She locks herself into one of the stalls. We try to ask if she needs any help but she doesn't say anything. There's just a lot of weird noises... like splashing and swishing noises! We are both a little stunned. We didn't know what to do. We ask again if she needed anything and all she says is, "Do you have any medicine... or beer?" My heart sinks for this lady. But, we are still a little shocked at the situation considering all the blood that was on her skirt and dripping on the bathroom floor. One of the Elders outside is sort of freaking out as well and we assure him that everything is alright. "She's going to pass out!" he says, "Did you see all that blood?? That's NOT normal!" She finally comes out of the bathroom and her skirt is completely drenched with water! I assume from the toilet she used to clean it with... -shudder- She just walks out like everything is fine and doesn't say anything. The Elders try to get her number but she doesn't have one. We assume that she must have been a little... well, not all there either. We go in to look in the bathroom to see the stall she used. One of the Elders follows us in there and uses his tie to plug his nose. We all gag at the sight. It was a mess!!! And it wreaked!!! Oh, it was the strongest smell of blood I had ever smelt in my life. There was some smeared on the walls and dripping on the toilet and in the trashcan. Oh my goodness! 

We spent a good amount of time cleaning it. (Sister Sahagun and I) It took a while but we got it sparkling clean again and the stench went away. It was just SO bizarre...

On a better note, I have tried lots of new things here! Lots of good old weird Thai food! Like, fried papaya salad, hot dog bun things from Seven Eleven, McDonalds and even KFC! It's really weird to have all this American food here. They even have a Subway! Also, one day Sister Sahagun and I went contacting and then bought some fresh coconuts to drink out of. They didn't give us any spoons to eat the meat so we just ended up making a mess with our hands! So funny.

This past Sunday, all the Elders and our companionship got a little less than 50 investigators to church! And we had Eight baptisms!!! It's so crazy! And they are ALL girls too! We need to find a lot more men!! Also, Bishop Stevenson (like, of the world) came to visit and spoke to the Bangkok area. Lots of missionaries all over Bangkok came to see him and hear his talk. It was truly special. And, in Sacrament meeting, a guy from Finland came up and bore his testimony about how God blessed his life. He talked about the story of when he was lost in Thailand and tried to find the church but couldn't. He walked around the corner and saw Sister Sahagun and I contacting. We were considering leaving but I felt impressed to stay. He recognized our name tags and we chatted and led him to the church. He was so grateful to us! He called us Angels! It was so sweet!

So, I think I will end on that spiritual note. I hope that you are all well and happy. I strive to work hard and to be worthy of the spirit. I am grateful to all the miracles that have happened. OH! And one more thing, we finally moved to a new apartment! We are only one stop away from the church and our apartment is so much bigger! We have two bathrooms! Hooray! I don't have to wait for shower time! :D 

Anyway, I love you all. I love this work. I won't give up. 


Sister Carter

Sister Meeting! These are all the sisters in Thailand! Crazy, right? 

There were EIGHT girls that got baptized on Sunday!!

Two of our investigators were baptized !

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