Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03-17-14 "Everyone deserves to have happiness in this life."

Sawadii kha!

Boom. Another week. It's crazy I tell you! My mind is a little foggy right now so forgive me for any weird grammatical mistakes and lack of detail. I'm just going to dive in:

We had Zone Conference! Yeah, I would have forgotten that we had it until my companion reminded me just now. You can tell that I have a really awesome memory, huh? Anyhow, it was all sort of last minute. Meaning, I didn't know we were going to have Zone Conference until the Sunday before. Zone Conference was Tuesday. They had reading assignments and things to memorize before then! I was a little anxious to say the least. I was practicing D&C 4 (Thai) in my head as we hopped on the MRT. Speaking of the MRT, let me explain something. It's like a subway. It's kind of cool and it's the fastest/cheapest thing that can take us places. It's also the most crowded during rush hour. As in, we are PACKED like sardines... but it's worse. People are smooshed against the doors and there is no air space whatsoever. I am blessed to not be claustrophobic, or germaphobic. (I've had a man sneeze into the back of my neck... twice. It was pretty gross) Moving on with the story! So, we were also asked to give a last minute musical number with a song that most of us hadn't heard of. President Senior wanted all the Sisters to sing "Beautiful Savior" from the hymn book. All the Sisters arrived and we practiced for ten minutes before Zone Conference began. It was pretty crazy. The meeting was awesome though. President talked a lot about how through God, ANYTHING is possible. We cannot do this work without Him. I loved the analogy given of David and Goliath that was used too. David was just this boy facing this giant monster. But that boy had confidence! And more than that, he had faith that he could defeat the infamous Goliath. And guess what? He killed that giant in one little verse! It's incredible that we as weak, human beings can be lifted and strengthened by God. We cannot do anything by ourselves. But through faith, anything is possible! 

Do you want to know a funny story? It's not that funny but I thought it kind of was. Sister Sahagun and I really liked to invite in front of Tesco by our house. It's like this grocery store in Thailand. We have gotten numbers there before so we were becoming comfortable with the spot. But then one day, a guard (who usually never did anything to us before) started to blow his whistle at me. I got off the steps of the store and he went about his business again. I just thought I couldn't be on the steps, so I continued inviting around it for another good fifteen minutes. The guard began whistling at me and my companion and just waving us off. I was a little ticked (sorry, I gotta improve my charity!) and I sweetly invited him too. He whistled pretty loudly in my face. So much for that! I thanked him and walked away feeling a little sad for our spot. Oh well. One little whistling guard can't stop the Lord's work! Haha! 

We found a new investigator this week. Her name is Dow and she was so sweet and kind. She was accepting of our message and wanted to study all the pamphlets we gave her. After the lesson, we said our goodbyes and the APs were like, "was your investigator a girl or a boy?" I was like, "What are you talking about? It's a girl!" They weren't convinced. They think we are teaching a really pretty transvestite... I don't believe it. I am still convinced that SHE is a girl. We shall see. 

There were a lot of appointments that fell through this week. A lot of people who said they would come to church never came either. We met people on the way to church who said they would come and they pretty much lied. It's all good though. We had one investigator come to church and her name is Coms. She is thirteen years old and her mom is a Less Active. She is going to be baptized next week and we are so happy for her. She is so sweet! I love her!

Last night, we all (Sisters) made pancakes for dinner! It was so fun! Sister Barber, Duplessis, and Sahagun and I put apples and bananas in them. It was such a nice break after a long week! 

Anyhow, I hope that you all are safe and happy! I love you all so very much! Please keep reading your scriptures and sharing the good word. Everyone deserves to have happiness in this life. 

I love you!

Sister Carter
Sister Barber (my house roommate) hiding in a pile of blankets! I love her! (She was in the same group as me in the MTC) 

This is our living arrangements at the moment. Playing tetras with the mattresses was pretty awesome. 

                  These two fat, stray, lazy dogs chilling in front of 7/11 (I thought it was pretty funny) 
                                         The front of the church building with the sign in Thai
                                                           The Church building I go to
A view of my apartment building. It's the one way in the back and it's the most dirtiest and grimiest of the buildings! Can you see it? 

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