Tuesday, March 4, 2014

02-10-14 "Its always an adventure"

Sawadii kha! Sabaydii may kha?

Huh... maybe I should use a different way to start my letters. Writing "hello" and "how are you" all the time may be getting stale. Haha. Anyhow, I am doing great! More than great! God is hastening His work and has trusted us with his children. The investigators that were baptized last week were confirmed this week and I couldn't be happier. Tabe looks so much happier! He is always telling us how grateful he is to have met us and he is always so nice. We pass by his shop a lot and he will come out to greet us and ask if we have eaten or not (a common question in Thailand) and we will always say no since we know that he will try to buy us food. He is so sweet. 

I have been slowly learning how to teach better in lessons. I have been forced to since my companion has told me to lead all of them. I have been improving my Thai little by little and my understanding is definitely a little better. God is surely helping me out. I realized how much He has helped me when we met a guy from England on the streets one day. I approached him as though he were a khon thai (Thai person) since he looked like one but I quickly realized he wasn't when he started talking in an English accent. He said that he has lived in Thailand for 6 years now and he still doesn't know a lot of Thai. I felt a little grateful for my Thai abilities to say the least. 

We met a girl this past Monday. Her name is Min and she has such an interesting background. She has been great at meeting with us this week though. At first when we were teaching and mentioned baptism, she would say that she wasn't ready. After our third lesson, she accepted a baptism date! It was a true miracle for sure! But, she doesn't have an ID and lives at her boyfriend's house. Said boyfriend is currently at Japan, working and he takes good care of her. Hopefully everything works out and God will help her in getting an ID so that she can be legally married to him when he comes back. 

We have been teaching a young couple as well. Zaphia and M are super cute together. They stopped living together and they are both willing to keep all the commandments. Zaphia is so cute. She asked how she could be a missionary! But since she also wants to marry M, we told her that she could be a missionary with him when they were older! She was so excited! Haha! We weren't sure if M wanted to be baptized as much as Zaphia did at first. She was the one that convinced him to stay all three hours at church and to learn with us. So, we weren't sure if he was just learning because Zaphia wanted him to. But last Monday, he called us and said that he was super stressed out from work and he wanted to talk with us. We met him at the church and shared a spiritual thought. He explained that when he feels stressed out, he goes to his friends. But, his friends usually drink and smoke and he wants to stop doing that. The only other peaceful place he could think of was the church! He feels so good there and he felt so much better and happier after we talked to him. He is so good! They both passed their interviews yesterday and they will be baptized next Sunday! It's so miraculous! From no baptisms to 4 in one month??? It's so crazy! Sister Yim and I are so blessed! 

I am sorry that this week's entry will be a little short. I can't remember all the things that happened this past week. Everything goes by so fast and it's such a blur. I wish I could just write all about the busy, crazy life I lead in Thailand. It's always an adventure. I hope that I never forget the feelings I have when I am here. The Lord has truly taught me many things while I have been here. I am a better person for it. I will strive to take what I learn and apply it to the rest of my life. 

I hope all is well! I love you all! Take care and take care of your missionaries! God needs everyone working together to do His work! :D

I love you!

Sister Carter

(The pics... This is Seacon (the mall here in Srinakharin) all decked out for Valentine's day! Funny, huh? They really go ALL out!) 

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