Wednesday, August 6, 2014

06-16-14 This is God's work


Another adventurous week. It's been a little crazy. With what, starting the week with Zone Conference, and then having P-day on Tuesday? It was a little mixed up. The days seemed to blur into each other. The Sister Training Leaders spent the P-day with us and we went to Central for a little while. After, Sister Broeder and I went back to the church and watched church videos. By 5:15 pm Sister Yim and I got on a bus to go to her area for a switch off. It was fun. Roi-et is really small and there's not a lot of people who come out during the day. So, we pretty much contacted in front of a Tesco Lotus (grocery store) for 2 1/2 hours contacting people who were going in and out. There are lots of interesting people there. And, I've met some grumpy men who have tried to argue with me about our church etc. It's kind of sad to talk to people like that but, it happens. 

One day while I was contacting with Sister Broeder at Fairy (a mall) there was this man who had no teeth and he was trying to annoy us. He kept saying, "Don't you know this is a Buddhist country? No one will go to your church!" We kept trying to tell him that people DO go to church and that he is more than welcome to come. He just sneered and said, "that's too much of a hassle. I've never been there, I don't want to go." We kept contacting and he just sat on the bench, glaring at us. There were many people who rejected us and he just smiled and said, "See? No one will go!" Finally, Sister Broeder talked to this nice lady and got her number from her. I could see daggers from this man's eyes. Sister Broeder and I just smiled and asked him again if he'd be interested in going. He rejected us again. We finally left and he called out, "What, the rest of these people aren't important or something?" We just kept going and felt at peace knowing that well... this is GOD'S work, not man's. Just because we serve in a land of Buddhism doesn't mean that people's hearts aren't open. Miracles happen everyday. 

Yesterday (Sunday) Brother Chai was baptized. He was truly prepared. He was so willing and accepting of the Gospel. He is a humble man who just wants to do the right thing. It was so exciting to see him being baptized. And next week, he'll have the gift of the Holy Ghost! It's so incredible! And even if he is the only baptism we will have this month, I will be so happy. 

Anyhow, I'm sorry that this week's letter will be short. During the week, you think of all the things that you're going to write home about... and then P-day comes around and you can't remember anything. Oops. I think it's wise to write these things down in the moment. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for being awesome and wonderful. I love you dearly!


Sister Carter

Paper Flower festival at the mall!

a song tow that has dinosaurs on it! So funny!    

Yes, those fish are alive still. And that IS a bucket full of frogs. They are going to gut them and eat them!

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