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07-28-14 Line dancing, tree of life & hospital visit

07-28-14 Hello Family, Friends, Loved Ones, etc. 

 A lot went on this week. I have been feeling ill with weird things. Throughout the week, I felt nauseous, pain in my back, neck arms, legs etc. but I had no fever. But then I had a fever for one night. It's been going on and off for a while. It's very strange and I don't understand it. But, because of this, I was unable to go to the Branch President's house for FHE with the other missionaries. They went home in the back of his truck and it started to pour on them! They were completely soaked when they came back home. I suddenly became grateful for being sick that day! :)

Tuesday, we had a really fun, successful English class. Since it was Pioneer day this last Friday, I decided we should have a pioneer/cowboy/western theme to teach. We taught them how to sing, "Home on the Range", watched Zion's Camp, and last but not least, I taught them how to... line dance. Yes, line dance. It was the most fun I've seen any English class have. It was such a hit! Everyone got up and danced, young and old. The Dance? Well, we had a rootin', tootin' time dancing to the Cotton Eye'd Joe song! Haha! A member had it downloaded on his computer so we were able to use it for English class. It was so much fun! 

After all that dancing, I was so sore the next day! It was kind of funny. But, Sister Sawangwong did an awesome Book of Mormon class! She had the room decked with a real "Tree of Life" (from the church's porch... oops!), a plastic "iron rod", and a stack of chairs with mean bullies behind them to act as the "great and spacious building". It was so much fun. And the "fruit" was none other than the sweetest lollipops in Thailand. I think the mission makes people very creative sometimes. Nonetheless, it was an awesome lesson and the members and investigators enjoyed it a lot. 
The two members and Elder Lingard pose as the mocking people from the Great and Spacious building

Our tree of life!
Unfortunately, I developed an exploding headache on Friday night and all of Saturday. It was the worse pain in my head that I ever felt. It was so sharp and painful. Light and movement just made everything hurt. I called Sister Senior and she told me to go to the hospital to check if it's not an infection or something. I went and they drew my blood and said I was low on Potassium.They gave me a lot of antibacterial medicines and stomach relievers that didn't help. I was on my bed all day in pain. It was so brutal. Anyway, I got a blessing later that night and the other sisters picked up some migraine medicine for me that really helped. But, by then, the pain was making me so nauseous throughout the day that I threw up everything that night. It was awful. Sunday, I was better and today there is no headache or nauseousness. I'm thankful!

We have met with two new investigators this week. One was a referral from the Sisters in Roy Et. This cool guy named "Taek" came to the church for a little church tour. He's married, and has a little daughter! He's so normal! I know this doesn't sound very groundbreaking but, if you knew half the Thai men here... you would understand. Taek came to church, or well, he came to the last ten minutes of church. I think he's still interested? We're going to keep in contact with him.
The other man we met, Phud, well... we can't quite figure him out. He's a tough cookie to understand, really. He slurs his words and doesn't ever look you in the eye. The only thing he said in the entire lesson was, "I understand" when he really didn't. My companion and I concluded that he might be those "not quite all the way there" investigators. You have to understand though, we meet crazy people on the street ALL the time. Like, this "crazy people" business has become a normal thing. I don't think I've met more weirder or crazier people in my life than on the streets of Thailand. It's well... crazy. So, yes, we are not judging this man when we suspect that he is "crazy". We are just legitimately concerned. 

Anyway, that's the story for the week! I hope you are all well! I love you! 


Sister Carter

Sports day!

The member, Brother Don is wearing a traditional rain coat covering... from 7/11 

Grasshoppers--they're freakishly huge

My shoes--are dying

Cows? Yeah, that's normal

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