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07-21-14 I'm English Leader

07-21-14Hello Family and Friends! 

This week started out awesome with a FHE at a member's house. Sister จิว is a returned missionary of 10+ years and she's still going strong! We all sat on the ground, eating and talking. I still have no idea how to sit on the ground comfortably for a long time. It's ridiculous. I have to move around a lot and the members laugh and ask, "Why can't farangs (white people) sit on the ground?"  I ended up sitting on this one mat and a member was like, "You can't sit there and eat. Only snakes eat where they sleep!" That one took me off guard! I guess I'm a "snake" now? Haha! 

Tuesdays, we taught English as always at 6:30 pm. And I forgot to mention this but I am "English Leader" now. I basically get to tell people of my district what they'll be teaching etc. It's really fun. I love teaching English. This past week's theme was "Friends and Forgiveness". We watched a Mormon message from Elder Uchtdorf's talk. You know, the one where he says "Stop It". Yeah, that one. Everyone really loved it! It's cool to teach English because you can not only teach your language, you can teach simple truths of the Gospel. I love it!

So, interesting enough, the mission has allowed us to make a FaceBook profile so that we can keep in contact with our recent converts and investigators. Most of what I have posted thus far is from General Conference. I didn't think that many people would take notice of it and actually like it. But when we visited a RC at her work, she was talking all about the conference talks that I posted! It was really neat to see how those words touched her heart and she recognizes the spirit behind those talks. It's pretty cool how sharing one thing or two can change someone, you know?

This week was also filled with a lot of walking, biking and inviting. We go all over the town asking every single individual if they want to follow Christ and be Baptized. Many laugh at us. Many reject us. We are fortunate that no one yells at us or chases us out or something. I feel like as the days continue on, I feel stronger and stronger despite the sun, the rain, and the relentless biking. I sometimes wonder in this Idolatry-filled place if there is anyone searching for truth in the Almighty God. And it seems that when we find someone who IS interested, I am always surprised and taken off guard. We met this man named โจ (Joe) one day. He accepted to meet with us that Thursday. When thirty minutes had passed and he had not shown up, I was not disappointed. It's a usual thing to happen. We ended up sharing a scripture with a RC that was there to help us teach. In the middle of our message, a man walks into the room looking very confused. I do not recognize him because I did not contact him or invite him--my companion did. She recognizes him and we instantly dive into the lesson. We learn that he has gone to several churches trying to figure out what "Christianity" has to offer him. He thinks that all the Christian churches are the same, but once we discuss the Restoration he immediately says, "Yeah, you're right! This IS different!" We watched the Joseph Smith video of the Restoration. At the end of it, he looks at us and says, "I am just like that boy! I have been searching different churches to find the truth! I am just like him!" We say, "Yes, you are! And you can receive an answer too!" 
He came to church this past Sunday. I am not sure of what he thought. He left really quickly after sacrament. I will hope that he continues to pray and receive an answer. 

Other than that, I have been feeling a little ill the past two days. Thailand tends to get people sick often. I was feeling nauseous and achy all over. I still feel a little sore but I don't feel like I will be "sick" any time soon. (I hope) I am ready for another week of work! Here I come, Khon Kaen! Haha!

I love you all!


Sister Carter

A little taste of my area!

Here's Khon Kaen!

A Thai Sister (Sister Sawangwong) with my companion's blonde hair! Haha! She cracks me up!

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