Thursday, August 7, 2014

07-13-14 I'm tanning!

Hello Family and Friends!

So, another busy, missionary week as always. Last P-day, Sister Stevenson and I went around the whole city looking at different shops. We ended up doing a lot of errands and then having FHE at the church. It was nice to be with members, eating and talking together. We had one investigator, Tree (yes, that is his name...) come after the FHE so we could teach him. He's busy all the time and doesn't have Sundays off. He is really interested though. He said that he's been searching and looking at Christian churches and seeing which one is true/good for him. When he met us, he thought it was true divine intervention. It was cool. But, we couldn't meet him again that week and he couldn't come to church. :(

Oh, and that investigator Naan that I talked about last week? Yeah, she disappeared off the face of the planet. It was so bizarre. She didn't answer her phone at all. I was a little disappointed. She was so prepared! She could have gotten baptized yesterday!! Oh well... she will find a way back to the missionaries again, I am sure. Apparently a lot of missionaries here in Thailand have experienced the "golden-prepared-ready-to-be-baptized" investigator and having them disappear into thin air. It's sad. But, it happens. 

We worked really hard this week. We met with some investigators but couldn't find any members available to help us. I hope the two men we met with (Amnoy, and tongchay) will find time in their schedule to got to church or meet with us again. They seemed like good, solid guys. We shall see!

Also, I have developed a tan... or a sunburn tan. It's pretty interesting. I thought I would always remain pure white. Well, I was wrong. And, I am gaining all sorts of muscles in my legs. I swear... I won't be able to fit into my skinny jeans back at home. I had bought some cool Thai pants that were a "skinny" style. My calves were too big for them and ripped the seams. Oops. What can you do, right? Haha!

I'm tanning?? Or maybe I'm just permanently burnt? 
I'm tanning?? Or maybe I'm just permanently burnt? 
And yes, those are my disgusting feet. It's what they look like by the end of the day. But check out the tan line!
Sunday was nice and quiet. We unfortunately didn't have any investigators at church, though. The mission goal to get 4 baptisms this month is starting to stress my companion and I out. Our Zone Leaders wanted us to get at least 3 baptisms by next week, too. Anything is possible, I believe that. Pray for Thailand! Miracles can happen!

Anyway, that is my week. I'm sorry this all sounds boring and uneventful. But, this new week will be good. We will hit the streets again, get burned, and find new investigators! All is well!


Sister Carter

Some of the scenery here in Khon Kaen :)

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