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06-22-14 I teach English class

                                                    Heavenly Father, Earthly Father


Dear Family and Friends, 

How are you all? This week went by so fast! Then again, I do say that a lot, don't I?
We had a nice P-day last week with the Branch. The Branch President invited us all missionaries to go to his house and eat and have family home evening. We had to take a bus to get to his house since he lives so far away. The ride was at least 30-45 min and when we got off, we hopped in the back of his truck to go to his house. Yes, this would be illegal in the states but, it was so much fun! We were WAY out in the boonies. Like, this is complete farm land with wooden houses etc. It was kind of cool. A lot of recent converts came to the house and we all sat on the floor. The food was spread out on the floor too and we just ate on the ground! It's definitely different than your average American dinner. But, that's the way Thai people eat :)
Speaking of Thai food, the food up here in Khon Kaen is WAY more spicier. I think I have been building a small tolerance for it or something because I think back when I was at home and I'm like, "there is no way I could eat what I am eating now!" It's pretty crazy. After the dinner, Elder Harris shared a spiritual thought and then the Branch President took us back home in his truck. It was so much fun to be in the back and look at the stars. You don't see too many stars in Bangkok or Khon Kaen. But way out in the country, there are billions of them. It was nice to say the least.

                                                               Mountains to Climb

English class was a blast this week. The District leaders have a recent convert that is obsessed with Michael Jackson. He has dedicated a lot of time learning how to dance like MJ and he loves to show it off. The District leaders promised him that he could show off his moves in the beginning of English class. He even brought his own CDs and danced two entire songs like MJ. It was one of the funniest and craziest things I've seen! Man, this RC (recent convert) just LOVES to dance. He was sweating bullets by the time he was done. The class really enjoyed it and we played cool games and had fun learning English. Haha! We had an activity where we partnered up everyone and told them to do a little skit in front of the class. All they had to do was do a "phone conversation" and they were hilarious! It was a little shocking to have some of them say curse words in English though. We were like, "Ummm... don't say that." They don't really understand since it doesn't mean anything to them. Ah well. They will learn someday. :)

We went contacting a lot this week. It's to be expected when most all of your investigators drop themselves or don't have any time to meet. We decided to explore our area and walked around different streets for about 5 hours or more. It was quite the adventure. As we were walking, there was a lady that called out to us and asked if we were lost. I told her that we were just inviting people to be baptized and to go to church. She happily took the card and said she would take her family! Even though she didn't, it still made my day. 

                                                                   The Will of God

Saturday, we had a service day. We spent all morning cleaning the church. Only a few members came but we got a lot done. It was nice to clean with the members because there is this popular misconception that the missionaries are responsible for cleaning the church..., that's not how it goes. The church will grow here, it will. And hopefully in the near future we can have a temple here as well! They gave nice talks yesterday about Family History and what a blessing it is to have temples. They pray and hope for a temple everyday. Our investigators even look at the pictures of temples in the church and say, "I want to go there! Where is it?" We tell them that they are all over the world, but we don't have one in Thailand yet. They sort of get put off by this but we assure them, "There will be a temple here in Thailand here for sure!"

Anyway, that's my week folks! I love you all so much! Count your blessings and be faithful to the Lord! :D

I love you!


Sister Carter
The view from my apartment. This is Khon Kaen!

The day of service. We cleaned up the church. In these pictures, the Elders are trimming the trees and working hard!

Inviting at the Park! This place is huge!

Posing at the mall!

Our district at the Pizza Company eating Pizza with members

My crazy hair after traveling!

FHE at the Branch President's house

Sister Wan and I at the Branch President's house    

Going home in the Branch President's truck    

"Hey, we hope you like this photo. We made it so you can print it out and keep it as a reminder of what our purpose is given to us from God and His called prophets. We know we will accomplish our purpose as outlined in Preach My Gospel and what this photo indicates. Remember, God WILL accomplish these things, and so we WILL too as His called representatives. Let's continue working hard to the end of the transfer and prepare our areas for the next transfer so that we can be accountable to God for having done all our part. We love all of you and your faith that you've shown in the zone. Thanks, for all you do. Keep lovin' it!
Love ya'll!
Elder Buehner and Elder Cox
PS. Udorn Zone Leaders can send it out to your zone."

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