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08-11-14 Three huge dogs came out of nowhere!!!

Hello family, friends, and loved ones!

Me and Sister Sahagun
Adventures happen everyday! The first one that happened was when Sister Stevenson and I went to 7/11 around 8 pm. It's really dark on the streets since the street lights aren't super bright. Anyway, I'm biking along, everything is good until... three huge dogs come out of nowhere!!! I swear, they just appeared out of thin air from the darkness! They start barking and trying to nip at my heels. And so, I do the only logical thing I can think of in this fairly scary-terrifying situation. I turn my head toward them and SCREAM. I screamed so loud, and so hoarsely that they immediately backed off. My companion, who is biking in front of me almost crashed into a parked car since I scared her so bad too! We both laughed really hard after that. Who knew that I could be so scary??

Anyway, Transfers was this week, and we got the call last Monday to see who was leaving or not. Sister Stevenson moved and I stayed! It's funny since I have been here longer than she has and she usually stays in areas for a loooong time. So, it was a super fast 6 weeks for both of us. It was really fun to be her companion too. We worked really hard and we had a blast together. I will miss her. Two days before transfers, we decide to just do what we normally do--contacting. But, on the way, we decided to stop at this cute little coffee/bakery place. I ended up getting a rainbow crepe cake... it was alright. It's just weird to think about it though. Sitting in a coffee shop... in Thailand... sipping some honey lemonade. That's the life I tell you. 

The rainbow crepe cake
Wednesday, Sister Stevenson, Elder Heras (my district leader), Elder Lingard and I had a member pick us up with luggage and all. We got to the bus station around 10:45 pm and our bus didn't leave until 12:20 am. There was a lot of waiting involved, as you can assume. But, once we got on the bus, it's really hard to fall asleep. I get car sick easily here and the roads are so bumpy. The chairs are NOT comfortable either. And, who tries to give you food at 3:00 am in the morning? Thai Bus attendants, apparently. Yes, the buses here have bus attendants. So, think of flight attendants on a huge bus. That's exactly what they are. It's fairly strange. Anyway, we got to Bangkok at 5:45 am. We waited for another bus to come since they didn't have room to put Sister Stevenson's bike on our bus. So, here we are--two tired, exhausted Sister missionaries waiting for another bus to come, with hair gross and greasy, and bags under our eyes. We were quite the sore sight. But, all went well, and we obtained her bike easily from the other bus. We took a taxi to the church building where transfers was going to be held. We changed, washed our faces, brushed our hair, put on a little bit of make-up on and poof! We looked decent and beautiful again! Haha!

Transfers was bitter sweet. Three of my previous companions were going home that day. It was weird to say good-bye to them. So, Sister Yim, Sister Sahagun, and Sister Broeder are all home again. I will miss them so much! I love them dearly! 

My new companion is Sister Sawangwong! She is awesome! I love her so much and she takes really good care of me. She makes pretty good food too, I must say. And, living with a Thai companion forces you to speak Thai every day... every minute, so I think my Thai will improve here in the next 6 weeks. I'm excited! This transfer is going to be great!

Also, Sister Wendy (an investigator of Sister Sawangwong and Sister Broeder) got baptized yesterday! It was really nice and she gave a really sweet testimony. She wrote down what she was going to say on her phone! She is so cute!

Anyway, that's about it, folks! I hope all is well and everyone is healthy and happy. I love being a Missionary and I love God's work. 


Sister Carter 

Pics: Baptism of Wendy and Me with Sister Sahagun one last time in Thailand

ฃิสเตอร์ คาร์เทอร์

                        A blurry picture of me with my old district. I'm wearing my Thai outfit I bought.
Baptism of Wendy and Me with Sister Sahagun one last time in Thailand

                     Funny things I see in Thailand

Weird... gross things I see in Thailand

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